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Summary Of Trip

Well this brings our South Island adventure to an end. We had no idea what to expect taking this EV road trip on. We had done our homework as far as charging stations go, but had no idea on how reliable the services were on the South Island. I am pleased to say that, overall, the worry was over nothing. The only area of the trip that needs some serious investment in charging facilities, is on the west coast between Franz Josef and Wanaka. This run is long and pretty rugged, so places a big demand on battery usage. If the Haast charging station had been in service, then we would not have experienced an issue, but failures in service are inevitable, so additional options are required to cater for such events. The only other area where we were tight on charge arriving at the charging station, was between Richmond and Westport, but we had no battery alerts so no big drama. Also we chose not to stop, as there are charging stations between these two locations.

Total kilometers return travel from home = 3264 Kilometers
Total cost of charging (including any parking fees) = $449.72
Cost per Kilometer travelled = $0.13778
Total Kwh charging = 593.975
Number of issues with chargers encountered = 3
Number of times had to queue to charge on trip = 2 (longest 20 minutes)

Breakdown of charging providers:

Total Kwh charging = 157.905
Total cost of charging (including any parking fees) = $110.54

Z Energy
Total Kwh charging = 79.52
Total cost of charging (including any parking fees) = $54.87

Total Kwh charging = 350.55
Total cost of charging (including any parking fees) = $250.33

Caravan Parks
Total Kwh charging = 6
Total cost of charging (including any parking fees) = $15

Free Charges
BP Wanaka = 40 kWh
Edgewater Hotel Tesla Charger -10kWh

So the big questions are:
1. Was it a good experience?
2. Would we do it again?

Well the answer is an emphatic HELL YES on both counts. Apart from the heart wrenching Wanaka leg of the trip, the remainder was a breeze, with most of the chargers we mapped out being operational. We also used ones which we hadn't factored in, so even more options.

Hope this blog has been informative and proves useful to others considering such a trip. If you have a vehicle with 400+ Km range, this is an easy road trip for sure.

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Day 15 - Wellington to Tauranga

rain 11 °C

Docked in Wellington at 5:30 PM and we were on the road by 6:00 PM. Weather was awful, with consistent rain all the way home, some torrential which made driving conditions very tricky indeed. Add bad patches of fog into the mix and very easy to have an accident, as center of North Island is pitch black at the dead of night. Took our time travelling, and due to the conditions, we had to stop more often for charging, as windscreen wipers, heater and full beam headlights in constant use. Took 4 stops in total to get us home, eventually pulling into the garage at just after 1:45 AM on Sunday 24 September. so a 7.45 hour drive from Wellington, which was hard going at times.

Four charges today:

Station Address: bp Levin, 59 Oxford Street, Horowhenua 5510
Date Paid:23/09/2023 07:21 pm
Energy Used: 19.56 kWh
Charge Duration: 22 minutes
Amount Charged:$13.69 NZD

Station Address: bp Taihape, 80-88 Hautapu Street, Taihape 4720, New Zealand
Date Paid:23/09/2023 09:30 pm
Energy Used: 22.32 kWh
Charge Duration: 21 minutes
Amount Charged:$15.63 NZD

Station Address: Z Tūrangi - Service Station, 1 Pihanga Rd, Tūrangi 3334, New Zealand
Date Paid:23/09/2023 10:39 pm
Energy Used: 26.83 kWh
Charge Duration: 26.40 minutes
Amount Charged:$18.51 NZD

Station Address: Skyline Gondola, 178 Fairy Springs Rd, Rotorua 3015, NZ
Date Paid:24/09/2023 12:51 pm
Energy Used: 9.40 kWh
Charge Duration: 12 minutes
Amount Charged:$7.52 NZD
NOTE: This location closes its gates at 5:00PM! When we rolled up, there was a security chain open so we went in and charged. A car went out when we were charging and when we went to leave, the chain had been put up - Noooo! Luckily the chains are secured by a road cone, so all I had to do was lower the cone and I could then drive over the chains. LUCKY!

512 Km travelled today.



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Day 13 - Dunedin to Christchurch

sunny 24 °C

On the road just after 9 AM as calling into my works office in Dunedin to catch up with staff. Got a quick charge in whilst in the office, as charger only 100 meters from the office - very convenient. Left Dunedin around 10 AM and headed towards Christchurch, but took coast road for some of the route. Stopped at Shag Point which has a seal colony, lots of seals here.


Then onto Moeraki boulders beach to have a look at these bizarre rocks.


Final tourist stop for the day was at a Blue Penguin colony at Oamaru, but no Penguins, just more seals.


A lot of driving today with roads getting busier as we approached Christchurch, so petty tired when we rolled into our accomodation.

Four charges today:

Station Address: Water Street, 38 Water Street, Dunedin 9016, New Zealand
Date Paid:21/09/2023 09:30 am
Energy Used: 13.05 kWh
Charge Duration: 19 minutes
Amount Charged:$10.44 NZD

Station Address: Oamaru Harbour, 1B Wansbeck Street, Oamaru 9400, New Zealand
Date Paid:21/09/2023 01:34 pm
Energy Used: 14.27 kWh
Charge Duration: 17 minutes
Amount Charged:$11.42 NZD

Station Address: bp Timaru, 193 Evans Street, Waimataitai, Timaru 7910, New Zealand
Date Paid:21/09/2023 04.03 pm
Energy Used: 27.83 kWh
Charge Duration: 28 minutes
Amount Charged:$19.48 NZD

Station Address: bp Edgeware, Edgeware Road, St Albans, Christchurch 8014, New Zealand
Date Paid:21/09/2023 08.10 pm
Energy Used: 36.80 kWh
Charge Duration: 62 minutes
Amount Charged:$25.76 NZD

379 Km travelled today.



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Day 11 - Queenstown to Invercargill

sunny 25 °C

Left accommodation around 9:30 AM and headed to Frankton for a quick charge and pick up supplies. A stunning day, hardly a cloud and really warm in Queenstown. Its a beautiful drive down to Invercargill, with landscape changing from rugged mountains, with large flat valleys, to flat open pastoral land. Temperatures rose sharply as well, hitting 25 degrees as we rolled into Invercargill. Dropped our luggage off at accomodation, and headed off to Bluff.

Four charges today:

Station Address: Pak N Save 302 Hawthorne Drive, Frankton, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand
Date Paid:19/09/2023 10:11 am
Energy Used: 11.57 kWh
Charge Duration:21 minutes
Amount Charged:$9.25 NZD

Station Address: Lumsden Four Square, 14 Diana Street, Lumsden 9730, New Zealand
Date Paid:19/09/2023 12:15 pm
Energy Used: 09.04 kWh
Charge Duration: 12 minutes
Amount Charged:$7.23 NZD

Station Address: Winton New World, 293 Great N Rd, Winton 9720, New Zealand
Date Paid:19/09/2023 01.07 pm
Energy Used: 14.66 kWh
Charge Duration: 19 minutes
Amount Charged:$11.73 NZD

Station Address: Esk Street Parking, 116 Esk St, Invercargill, Invercargill 9810, New Zealand
Date Paid:19/09/2023 06.07 pm
Energy Used: 20.35 kWh (restricted to 25Kw charging due to trips)
Charge Duration: 49 minutes
Amount Charged:$16.28 NZD

279 Km travelled today.




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Day 10 - Queenstown

sunny 14 °C

A much better start to the day weather wise, so headed off to Lake Hayes for an 8Km walk around the lake.


From there, headed to Arrowtown for a lovely lunch. Back to Queenstown for a walk around the township, and noticed that it was a lot quieter than it was on Sunday, started bucketing down again late afternoon. Note to other travelers, Queenstown is nuts on the weekend.


No charges today

45 km travelled today



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